Sherkole Refugee camp

Sherkole has the largest population of refugees in Ethiopia out of the 3 camps that we serve there. In April, their main church sustained rain damage. The church is currently asking for support to help them acquire the basic materials that they need to patch up their place of worship. The church is made out of wood, clay, and long grass that grows all over Ethiopia.

Tsore Refugee Camp

Tsore camp is located in between Asosa and Sherkole camp. A 30 minute minute drive in either direction, Tsore is the second largest camp in which we serve refugees in Ethiopia. Travel restrictions have been put in place regionally. Regular travel for people in Tsore are on market days to Asosa and to Sherkole camp where residents buy what they need for their homes and or local stores. This new travel restriction is in response to the spread of Covid19. Officially there are 191 confirmed cases as of May 5th, 2019 with 4 deaths. Most cases that are recorded are in Addis Ababa, the capital and a central location for business and politics in East Africa.  UNHCR recommends that refugees adhere to the restrictions and our team in Tsore confirms that they are doing so.

Tongo Refugee Camp

Tongo is a refugee camp in the mountains of Ethiopia close to the Sudan Ethiopia boarder.  To get to Tongo, one must take a 3 hour bus from Asosa costing 50ETB per person as of 2018 *Price may have changed.  Our team in Tongo is planning a gathering to remember John Samuel Jeka, who passed away at the end of April. John is pictured above teaching a bible lesson and leading  a prayer service. We were able to send $400.00 to support their funeral arrangements.