Uduk Hope FAQ

What is Uduk Hope Inc?

Uduk Hope Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire and empower the communities of Uduk people and others who are living in refugee camps in South Sudan and Ethiopia. Our primary goal is to mitigate the challenges they face. 

Who are the Uduk people? 

A Nilo Saharan group of people from Eastern Sudan, the Uduk call themselves KwanimPa and are culturally and linguistically related to neighboring communities, such as the Gumuz and the Kwama from the Sudan/Ethiopia borderland. Twenty plus years of civil war in Sudan forced the Uduk into displacement where entire generations of children grew up in emergency situations. Today, many of the Uduk are living in refugee camps in East Africa.

Uduk Hope Inc. aims to support the Uduk refugee communities by assisting in the areas of education, faith, and community development. Uduk Hope Inc., as a 501(c)3, is dedicated to seeing tangible change that can create the foundation for a better tomorrow for the Uduk people. Our professional staff are dedicated to allocating our resources to facilitate this work. 

What is our geographic focus? 

Uduk Hope Inc. is not an immigration organization. Our primary geographic focus is the Upper Nile region of South Sudan and the western part of Ethiopia. We seek to work with refugee communities in these regions to find durable solutions where they are located. Within the Upper Nile region of South Sudan, we are primarily focused on Doro. In Ethiopia we focus on Sherkole, Tongo, and Tsore refugee camps. 

In what ways are we working with the refugee communities to mitigate some of their challenges? 

In Doro Refugee Camp, our vision is to support children’s education by providing one meal a day for each child at each of the 7 primary schools. Also in Doro, we have partnered with a network of Uduk churches to support their faith-based functions which provide unity in difficult circumstances. Our vision for our partnership with the churches in Doro is to assist in the translation of the Old Testament of the Bible, as requested by leaders of the community, and to support special church events that bring people and communities together. In Ethiopia, our vision is to develop a scholarship program for college students to provide higher education opportunities for Uduk refugees and others so that they in turn can have a positive impact on their communities.