It was the best Christmas

Henry James, a resident of Doro refugee camp gave this report.  Uduk Hope Inc. served 16,674 people food,  tea and coffee.  There were 2,912 Men, 4,118 Women and 9,664 Children at the main church to celebrate Christmas. 


Christmas 2019

Yohan Baha a resident of Sherkole camp in Ethiopia says, ‘Christmas was great! English School is also going well”


2019 was a very productive year for our teams in South Sudan and Ethiopia. We remember what our teams were able to do in the camps because of generous donations made in 2019. We sustained 4 local stores, made Christmas possible by providing meals to all present in the four camp churches, and provided educational scholarships to students in Ethiopia. This year we want to continue to build on these efforts. Thank you for all of your support in 2019.     

John Samuel Jeka

Our Uduk Hope local team leader in Tongo, John Samuel Jeka, has passed away after seeking medical help for his recent illness in Doro camp. John was a good pastor and loved by all in his community. He will be missed by his family, church, community, and team. please join us in praying for his family and all those he left behind in Tongo and for the people he stayed with in Doro as he saught medical support.